About The Guardian Fund

The Guardian Fund is a political action committee established in 2011 by former Florida Congressman and Lieutenant Colonel Allen West with a mission to support conservative veterans and minorities seeking elected office.

Led by Congressman Jack Bergman, MI-1, The Guardian Fund is one of the largest and most active veteran-focused PACs in the country. In 2022, the PAC had a record-breaking year with 96 endorsements of conservative veterans and/or minority candidates.  Of those, 94 made it to the November ballot and of that total 49 Incumbent Members of Congress, and 20 new Members-elect won on Election Day.  Once again, Guardian endorsed the largest class of minorities and veterans in its ten-year history. 

Forty years ago, 70% of lawmakers in the House of Representatives and 78% of those in the Senate had served in the armed forces. The number of veterans serving on Capitol Hill has been imperceptibly declining since the early 1970s, largely a result of the World War II generation steadily leaving public office. The United States deserves to be led by individuals who not only understand our military but by those who have sworn an oath to be a part it. We at the Guardian Fund believe that veterans of the U.S. military embody a kind of dedication to this country that is second to none and possess an unmatched loyalty to preserving and protecting the United States and its conservative American values.

The diversity of the American people is what gives this country its unwavering strength and makes the United States exceptional. With the demographics of the U.S. population in continual flux, it’s more critical than ever for there to be an accurate representation of the American people in government. For far too long, Republicans have been bound by a grossly inaccurate description of their party and battled against definitions of conservatism ascribed by outside groups.

The Guardian Fund wants to help elect more conservative minorities to Congress so that Republicans from all walks of life are given a voice on Capitol Hill.

We must ensure conservative leaders are elected who will stand as guardians of our constitutional republic, to restore our nation’s fiscal responsibility and strong national defense, limit the growth of government, unleash the free market and preserve the liberty and sovereignty of its citizens.

The Guardian Fund will stand behind, and fight shoulder to shoulder next to conservative veterans and minorities who seek to secure a brighter future for the United States and its future generations.