Allen West Guardian Fund Raises $2.8 Million in First Year

WASHINGTON DC, JANUARY 31, 2014 – The Allen West Guardian Fund today released its FEC report for 2013 showing an impressive $2.8 million raised for the year. In the last six months of 2013 alone, the PAC raised $1.45 million, ending the year with $1.1 million cash on hand.

Results for the Allen West Guardian Fund indicate the continuing groundswell of grass roots support for constitutional conservatism, with 45,200 individual donors contributing an average of $61.
The Allen West Guardian Fund was established in January of 2013 as a Leadership Political Action Committee (PAC) to support conservative military veteran and minority Republicans running for state and federal office. It furthers the mission of the leadership PAC Colonel West established while in Congress during the 2012 election cycle which helped 7 military veteran candidates win their seats in the House of Representatives.

In the 2014 election cycle, the Allen West Guardian Fund will support 14 candidates, and has already endorsed Mia Love running for Utah’s 4th Congressional District , Dan Bongino, running for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District and Rep. Tom Cotton (AR-4), who is running for Senate in Arkansas.

“Elections have consequences – and we’re certainly seeing the effects of some serial bad decisions in this country,” Col. West says. “The 2014 elections represent an opportunity for Americans to self-correct. The question I hope voters will ask themselves is, do we really want to continue on this path? The Allen West Guardian fund is committed to electing strong, principled veteran and minority candidates who will preserve our constitutional foundation, limit the growth of government to promote individual prosperity and ensure our national security.”