Allen West Guardian Fund Announces Three More Endorsements for 2014

WASHINGTON DC, September 10, 2014 – Today the Allen West Guardian Fund PAC announced an additional three endorsements for the 2014 election cycle, bringing the total endorsed candidates to twelve so far: Martha McSally (AZ-2), Steve Russell (OK-5) and Dan Sullivan (AK-Senate). These candidates join Joni Ernst (IA-Senate), Will Hurd (TX-23), Barry Loudermilk (GA-11), Lee Zeldin (NY-1), Ryan Zinke (MT at Large), Dan Bongino (MD-6), Congressman Tom Cotton (AR-Senate) , Larry Kaifesh (IL-8) and Mia Love (UT-4) already endorsed by the PAC.

The Allen West Guardian Fund was established in January 2013 as a PAC to support conservative military veteran and minority Republicans running for state and federal office. The leadership PAC Colonel West established during the 2012 election cycle with the same mission helped 7 military veteran candidates win their seats in the House of Representatives.

Forty years ago, 72 percent of House lawmakers and 78 percent of those in the Senate had served in the armed forces. Today it’s less than 20 percent.

“The future of America that we leave for our children and grandchildren hinges on the November election.  We must stay focused, because it may be our last chance to turn this nation around,” said Col. West, “with everything going on today, we must ensure conservative leaders are elected who will stand as guardians of our constitutional republic, to demand fiscal responsibility, restore a strong national defense, limit the growth of government, unleash the free market and preserve the liberty and sovereignty of every American citizen.”