November 18th Situation Report






November 18th, 2014

The wave of Republican victories that painted much of the country red earlier this month was not luck; it was the product of unwavering conservative efforts that have been in motion since November 7, 2012.

Along with loyal patriots across the country, the Allen West Guardian Fund has spent the last two years acting as a consistent pillar of support and as a mechanism for action in the fight against a destructive progressive liberal agenda.

When the Guardian Fund was established in 2012 it had a unique mission, one that would address an existing void in the GOP and change the face of Republican leadership in Congress. To that end, we have brought awareness, raised funds, and supported conservative military veterans and minorities seeking elected office for the past two years.

On November 4th, the Guardian Fund helped to elect 3 new Members to the Senate, 10 new Members of Congress, 5 new elected officials in State and Local elections—and we still have 1 election which is too close to call. During the 2012 election, we helped to elect 7 candidates to Congress. This is a record we can be proud of—but the mission continues.

The veteran and minority candidates elected earlier this month have given a new, more accurately representative face to the Republican Party across the country, but it’s up to us to ensure that this is only the beginning. We must continue to seek out and support principled men and women who believe in our constitutional republic and will fight to secure a brighter future for subsequent American generations.

To that end, The Guardian Fund must, and will carry-on with its mission to find such leaders in veteran and minority communities. The Guardian Fund will not waver or pause in its efforts to restore this great nation because our liberties are at stake and the cost of doing nothing is too great.

Steadfast and Loyal,





Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)



The Allen West Guardian Fund is proud to congratulate Senator-elect Dan Sullivan! The Fund endorsed Dan in September and spent $347,197.97 on Independent Expenditures, which included radio, mail, Tele-Town Hall and an aggressive digital media presence, in support of his campaign. “I’m honored to have introduced you to this great patriot because he [Sullivan] will bring the fresh, new leadership that our nation needs. Alaskans and every American can rest easier knowing that a veteran of strong character and unwavering principle has their back in Washington,” commented Allen West.


Supported Candidate Victories

As of this writing, one race supported by the Allen West Guardian Fund has yet to be decided:



Martha McSally, AZ-2


 Update: More than 219,000 ballots were cast in AZ-2 and final counts have McSally winning by just 161 votes. In Arizona, there is a mandatory recount if a candidate wins by less than 200 votes. According to recent releases, this recount will not start until early December.


THE RUN-OFF — Louisiana-Senate


Bill Cassidy, LA Senate

Update: Cassidy came out of Louisiana’s primary with 41% of the vote, placing him just behind Senator Landrieu’s 42%. Going into the December 6th runoff, the Keystone XL Pipeline has taken center stage as both parties try to pass legislation in its favor-while both championing their respective candidates for any progress made. Cassidy recently released an internal poll showing he is up 16 points with his 56.6% to Landrieu’s 40.5%.


Stakeholder—def., “those groups or individuals without whose support the organization would cease to exist.” Here at the Guardian Fund we truly see you as a stakeholder in our mission—for without you all that we have accomplished would not be possible.

Allen West and the Guardian Fund Team have had their boots on the ground in 26 states in support of 32 sitting Members of Congress and candidate hopefuls, GOP state parties, Lincoln Day dinners and Tea Party groups. Allen lent his name to fundraising emails and letters in order to support over 150 causes and numerous candidate efforts, resulting in millions of dollars raised on their behalf. Two years and over 200 events later, we are honored to have been a part of the Republican takeover of the Senate and historic Republican growth in the House.

In addition to Allen West’s personal commitment working diligently for these candidates we would also like to thank you for supporting the Guardian Fund. It was through your generosity that the Fund was able to raise $6 million, ultimately spending over $5 million to help elect 20 new individuals into federal, state & local offices across the country.

As one of our loyal donors, we wanted to show you what your donations allowed us to accomplish:

  •  $124,000.00 Direct PAC Donations to our 14 endorsed candidates;
  • $1,536,951.00 Independent Expenditure Spending on behalf of 13 of our 14 endorsed candidates;
    • Including radio ads, mail pieces to veterans and evangelical voters, Tele-Town Halls in targeted districts and aggressive digital campaigns that included pre-roll video and bilingual advertising.
      • The digital IE campaign achieved 2,658,964 video views on our ads and 1,134,393 listens on Guardian Fund radio ads to a targeted list of low propensity Republican, military, and evangelical voters across our three target Senate races.
      • In Iowa, Alaska and Arkansas Guardian Fund ads appeared 7,033,339 times on the internet specifically targeted to low propensity Republican, military, and evangelical voters on networks like Google, Facebook, Collective and Pandora.
  • $1,200,000.00 Indirect Candidate Promotion spending by the Fund in order to maintain awareness of our mission as well as of our supported candidates;
  • $124,000.00 Administrative Costs

report to stakeholders

Moving Forward — As we look ahead the horizon is bright! In the short term, we will be working diligently on the re-count election and run-off in Louisiana. In January, the Fund will be bringing on additional Chairmen/women to broaden our message and expand our reach across this great nation to include more conservative veterans and minorities seeking office.

One thing we learned this election cycle was that the Republican Party has a deep bench of candidates who have served in uniform as well as in our local communities, and who are willing to step up and serve again-this time in elected office. The Guardian Fund will be there for them to make sure they have the resources and megaphone they need to get their message out to the voters. We hope you will continue to join us in this mission!


November 17 Issue

Allen West Named CEO of NCPA

Former Florida congressman Allen West has been named CEO of the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, which was founded in 1983 to develop private, free-market alternatives to reforming everything from health care to pensions to education.

“I am humbled and honored to have this opportunity to lead one of the country’s preeminent think tanks,” West said in a statement, adding that he has “long admired the NCPA’s innovative research in health care, tax reform, entitlements, retirement, energy, environmental and education policy.”

Elected to Congress in 2010, West served one (outspoken) term before being narrowly defeated in 2012. Now, it looks as though another run for public office is not in his immediate future: He will relocate to Dallas to take the reins of the NCPA early next year.