December 5th Situation Report






December 5th, 2014

We have not reached the finish line!

A few weeks ago we released a report to our stakeholders, illustrating what The Guardian Fund was able to accomplish because of your unwavering support of our mission to elect conservative minorities and veterans to Congress. More than just quantified election results, what the report ultimately showed was the American people’s demand for strong, fearless leadership in Washington, D.C.

This election cycle, The Guardian Fund was a vehicle for conservative voices across the country and an essential force behind the Republican momentum that ultimately led to a shift in power. However, while most of us celebrated sweeping Republican victories and the end of a long, successful campaign season last month, there were several races in which November 4th did not yield undisputed results for candidates and voters alike.

These ‘undecided’ races cannot be forgotten and we cannot settle in the wake of our party’s recent achievements. To that end, the Guardian Fund has continued to support the recount election of endorsed candidate Martha McSally (AZ-2) and recently announced its support for Louisiana run-off candidates Dr. Ralph Abraham (LA-5) and Congressman Bill Cassidy (LA-Senate).

The mission of The Allen West Guardian Fund continues with these three candidates, and we are determined to see them succeed.

Steadfast and Loyal,





Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)


Dr. Ralph Abraham

Dr. Ralph Abraham, running for Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District, has spent his life serving his country both in, and out of uniform. Dr. Abraham served as a 1st Lieutenant, Co C 2/20th Special Forces from April 1986 – June 1989. He continues to be involved with the military by serving as a Mission Pilot with the Civil Air Patrol and an Aircraft Commander with the U.S. Coast Guard. Dr. Abraham has received endorsements from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (LA-1), Congressman Fleming (LA-4), Congressman Boustany (LA-3) and the NRA. He believes so strongly that public service is a privilege, vowing that if elected, he will donate his salary to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Veterans Independence Foundation. For more information on Dr. Abraham and his race, please visit his website:

Rep. Bill Cassidy


Congressman Bill Cassidy (LA-6) is a proven leader in Louisiana who is looking to continue his public service as a Senator for his home state. First elected in 2009, Rep. Cassidy serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and acts as the Assistant Whip for the House Republican Conference. In addition to receiving an ‘A’ rating from the NRA, Rep. Cassidy has received endorsements from fellow conservatives like Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Dr. Ben Carson. The latest RCP Average has him up +15.7 over Democrat opponent Senator Mary Landrieu. For more information on Rep. Cassidy’s Senate race please visit his website:

Still to be Decided

Martha McSally


RECOUNT UPDATE: Once all votes were tallied on November 4th, Martha McSally led by 161 votes out of more than 219,000 cast in southern Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. A margin of 200 votes triggers a recount in Arizona, which is scheduled to take place the first week of December. Recent reports say that there are also 133 ballots being contested by Rep. Barber, McSally’s Democrat opponent. However, those same reports say that even if those 133 ballots are counted, McSally will still be the likely winner, and new Congresswoman of AZ-2!

Crucial 2014 Year End Donation!

The Guardian Fund team has been tracking these races and remaining steadfast in the fight to see them through to the finish. We will not leave a man or woman behind! So we need your help one last time. Could you make a final contribution of $20.14 or $200.14 as your year-end gift of support to the Guardian Fund? Your help now will assist us in electing 2 more veterans to Congress and 1 more constitutional Conservative to the Senate!

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Congressman Tom Cotton, AR-Senate
Carlos Curbelo, FL-26
Joni Ernst, IA-Senate
Will Hurd, TX-23
Barry Loudermilk, GA-11
Mia Love, UT-4
Martha McSally, AZ-2 *recount
Steve Russell, OK-5
Dan Sullivan, AK-Senate
Lee Zeldin, NY-1
Ryan Zinke – Montana at Large


Mike Bost, IL-12
Brian Babin, TX-36
Steve Knight, CA-25


Josh Mandel, OH-Treasurer
Tony Barton, KS State Rep, District 41
Deb Rey, MD-Delegate, District 29B
Roger Roth, WI-State Senate, District 19
Jill Upson, WV-HD65