The Guardian Fund Announces New Chairman

WASHINGTON DC, January 13, 2015- Today, former Congressman Allen West and the Guardian Fund Political Action Committee are honored to announce the new Chairman of the PAC for the 2016 election cycle, Congressman Barry Loudermilk, GA-11.

One of the 14 Guardian Fund’s officially endorsed candidates of the 2014 cycle, Congressman Loudermilk stood out as someone with the qualities   and characteristics that would uphold the Guardian Fund’s mission into the 2016 election cycle and build upon its success in helping to elect great leaders.  “Congressman Loudermilk is the type of leader who can be entrusted with the future of our nation and inspire other servicemen and women to exercise their voices and talents on Capitol Hill,” said former Congressman and Lt. Colonel (ret.) Allen West.

New Guardian Fund Chairman Congressman Barry Loudermilk remarked, “The foundation laid by my friend Colonel West at the Guardian Fund, is solid. With great victories like Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst, Mia Love and Steve Russell, to name a few, both the House and the Senate are more conservative. I welcome the opportunity to help continue the mission of finding and supporting principled conservative veterans and minorities. Strong leaders are essential to achieving the America we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren; an America that is free, safe and full of opportunity.”

Since its establishment in 2012, the Guardian Fund has assisted in the election of 28 candidates to office on the local, state and federal levels.  With its unique mission of supporting conservative veterans and minorities, the Guardian Fund acted as a true trailblazer for the Republican Party and has raised over $6 million dollars since inception.

Allen West served as Chairman of the Guardian Fund during the 2012 and 2014 election cycles.  As of January 1st, he has relocated to Dallas, TX to become CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis.