CONGRESSMAN JACK BERGMAN, MI-1 NAMED CHAIRMAN OF GUARDIAN FUND Continuing Lt Col Allen West’s Mission to Elect Conservative Veterans to Congress

March 29, 2021
Contact: Carolyn Machado, Political Director

WASHINGTON DC–Guardian Fund Founder Lt. Colonel (ret.) Allen West and current Chairman Congressman Jim Banks, IN-3 are honored to announce the new Chairman of the PAC for the 2022 election cycle, Congressman Jack Bergman, MI-1.
Congressman Bergman, a Guardian Fund endorsed candidate since 2016, has stood out as someone with the qualities and characteristics that would uphold the Guardian Fund’s mission into the crucial 2022 election cycle and build upon its success in helping to elect great leaders. “General Bergman, a veteran, is the type of leader who can be entrusted with the future of our nation and inspire other servicemen and women to exercise their voices and talents on Capitol Hill,” said former Congressman Allen West.

New Guardian Fund Chairman Congressman Jack Bergman remarked, “With less than 20 percent of Congress having served in our Nation’s Armed Forces, I’m proud to help carry on the mission of the Guardian Fund and build on our effort to elect more service members to office. I’ve seen firsthand the leadership our men and women in uniform bring to the table and our Veterans know what it takes to win the fight for the very heart and soul of our Nation. I’m grateful for this opportunity and look forward to a successful election cycle.”

The purpose of the Guardian Fund is to promote conservative minority and veteran leaders who we believe will successfully restore our great country back to the constitutional republic established by our founding fathers.
The United States deserves to be led by individuals who not only understand our military, but by those whom have sworn an oath to be a part it. We need servicemen and women to safely lead us through the challenges on the 21st century battlefield and to represent this country on the world stage.

Also, the diversity of the American people gives this country its unwavering strength and makes the United States exceptional. With the demographics of the U.S. population in continual flux, it’s more critical than ever for there to be an accurate representation of the American people in government. For far too long, Republicans have been bound by a grossly inaccurate description of their party and battled against definitions of conservatism ascribed by outside groups. The Guardian Fund wants to help elect more conservative minorities to Congress, so that Republicans from all walks of life are given a voice on Capitol Hill.

Guardian Fund is a political action committee established in 2012 by Lt. Col. Allen West. Allen West served as Chairman of the Guardian Fund during the 2012 and 2014 election cycles followed by Congressman Barry Loudermilk who served during the 2016 and 2018 cycles and Congressman Jim Banks who served during the 2020 cycle. The Guardian Fund has assisted in the elections of 160 veteran and minority candidates nationwide since its inception.