GUARDIAN FUND ENDORSES CONGRESSMAN JIM BANKS FOR U.S. SENATE Rep. Banks served as Chairman of Guardian Fund Promoting Veterans

Washington, DC–Congressman Jack Bergman, MI-1, Chairman of the Guardian Fund, and the highest- ranking combat veteran to serve in Congress, is thrilled to announce the endorsement of his friend and colleague Representative Jim Banks in his race for the United States Senate.

“Rep. Jim Banks has been a conservative fighter in Congress and is the exact type of leader the U.S. Senate needs. I am proud to call Rep. Banks a friend, and I fully endorse his candidacy for Senate. I am confident he will continue serving our Country with honor, as he did both in a uniform and in a suit in Washington.” — Congressman Jack Bergman.

Congressman Banks was Chairman of The Guardian Fund for the 2020 Election cycle. During his tenure, he helped continue the growth of the PAC and helped it become the leading conservative Veteran and/or minority focused PAC. In 2020, Guardian was able to support over 70 campaigns (both incumbents and candidates) with nearly $600,000 in direct and independent expenditure campaigns.

In 2020, Guardian endorsed the largest class of women, minorities, and veterans in its ten-year history. With Banks’ leadership Guardian helped elect 22 new members of Congress, with a total of 46 victories overall.

The purpose of the Guardian Fund is to promote veteran leaders who we believe will successfully restore our great country back to the constitutional republic established by our founding fathers.

The United States deserves to be led by individuals who not only understand our military, but by those who have sworn an oath to be a part it. Forty years ago, 72 percent of lawmakers in the US House and 78 percent of those in the US Senate honorably served in the armed forces. We need servicemen and women to safely lead us through the challenges on the 21st century battlefield and to represent this country on the world stage.

Guardian Fund is a political action committee established in 2012 by Lt. Col. Allen West. The current Chairman is Congressman Jack Bergman, MI-1. The Guardian Fund has assisted in the elections of 200 veteran and minority candidates nationwide since its inception.