Rep. Troy Nehls

GFund_Candidate_Troy Nehls
During his first term in Congress, Troy Nehls has always met the moment and been on the frontline for many issues facing TX-22 and the nation. At the height of the border crisis, Troy Nehls visited the southern border to take a first-hand look at the consequences of the Biden Administration’s America-LAST immigration policies. While the United States experienced a sharp rise in crime, Troy Nehls introduced legislation for law enforcement agencies to receive the funding and manpower they need to prevent crime and protect their communities. While Joe Biden and Democrats were trying to pass their backwards “social” infrastructure bill, Troy Nehls was fighting for the real infrastructure needs of Texas: updated roads, expanded broadband in rural areas, hurricane preparedness, and allowing local governments to have flexibility in addressing their own infrastructure needs. And when Joe Biden oversaw the collapse of Afghanistan, Troy Nehls and his team worked tirelessly to get Americans home safely. Troy Nehls is a proud America First Patriot. He stands against the Washington Swamp and stands for the Constitution, fiscal conservatism, small government, and Texas values. Troy Nehls is proudly endorsed by President Donald Trump.